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Systems stats with Green Shoes.

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Give me the pretty screenshots!

How do I install?

Mac and Windows users, you're on your own. Not really sure how to do that. If you're interested in helping me with that, lets talk.

Ubuntu users on the other hand, well, you are in luck! If you're running Ubuntu 12.04, you can use my handy dandy PPA! Instructions on adding a PPA are available here, the PPA you want to add is ppa:jamesgifford/factero.

Authors and Contributors

James Gifford (@jrgifford) created factero. ashbb (@ashbb) made green_shoes, the GUI framework behind it all.

Support or Contact

File a issue on github. If it is related to the PPA, well then you need to file it there too. No LaunchPad for you!

Debian packaging for ruby projects

One of the byproducts of this is that I have a really shaky debian packaging setup. You're more than welcome to screw around with it, take tips from it etc. It's available on github over here